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Item No. Viscosity (cps/25℃) Packing Unit (kg) Special features
GT-865L 300 or less 15 CR-class 1-solution adhesive
MT-2000 1000 ± 200 100 D/M Acrylic adhesives
GT-3510A/B 9000 ± 2000 20 2-solution epoxy adhesive (for panel)
GT-3700A/B 10000 ± 3000 20 2-solution urethane solvent-free adhesive (for panel)
GT-901 100 or less 15 Primer adhesives for pipes and metals
GT-616A/B 40000 ± 5000 20 High-hardness and fast-hardening two-solution casting agent
GW-1004 5000 ± 1000 20 Water-based acrylic adhesives for decoration sheets
 We are also developing and manufacturing customized adhesives in cooperation with many other customers. Therefore, even though you can’t find items to choose from on the product list, please feel free to contact us. Then, we will do our best to respond to your request.